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We would like to introduce here our products and services about programmable memory devices:
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Günter Jaeger
Hardware & Elektronik
Karmelitenstrae 1, Erbshausen
97262 Hausen
+49 171 6340 757

Special offer:
TMS28F512A-12C4FMQ TMS28F512A-12C4FMQ  

Flash Eprom 64Kx8 in PLCC32 style, access time 120nS, extented temperature range.
PSOP44 PCB-Adapter PSOP44 PCB-Adapter  

This adapter enables PSOP44 interconnect-PCBs beeing programmed, where the device is already soldered. Suitable for Elnec programmers and other, needing a 1:1 pinout.
Male pinheader 1x22 angled Male pinheader 1x22 angled  

Single-row male pinheader in pin-pitch 1,27mm. Angled type, 2 pieces can be e.g. directly soldered in place of a PSOP44 device. Depending of use, it could be necessary, to clip the pins to the wished length.
Female pinheader 1x22 straight Female pinheader 1x22 straight  

Single-row female pinheader in pin-pitch 1,27mm. Straight type, suitable e.g. for PSOP44 interconnection-PCBs or other applications, where a 22 pin, 1,27mm pitch connection is needed.
PSOP44 Socket Yamaichi PSOP44 Socket Yamaichi  

IC Socket SMD PSOP44, with Frame. For mounting in spite of the chip. Identical foot-print, 22,0 mm x 36,0 mm x 4,3 mm.
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